Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Versatile and Comfortable Shoes

I'm on a quest for that perfect single pair of comfortable shoes. I cover a lot of ground in my shoes and enjoy a wide variety of activities.

WORK. First is my job which requires me to run a lot of errands around town. I need a pair of casual shoes that look stylish enough to be worn with khakis and measure up against the company dress code. And with all the time I spend on my feet, I also want a pair of comfortable shoes that feel my favorite pair of sneakers.

IN TOWN. At home I go barefoot, so there's no problem there. But when I'm running around town, I want the perfect pair of shoes to as I'm walking from place to place for the usual appointments and engagements. Ideally, I'd wear my broken-in oh-so-comfortable tennys. But I'd feel too self conscious wearing shabby shoes that look like their about to fall apart.

TRAVEL. My job also provides me the opportunity to travel once a month. I'd love to wear the same comfortable travel shoes on the plain, going to the hotel, and at the meeting in the boardroom.

RUNNING & HIKING. In my spare time, I enjoy walking, jogging, and running before and after work. And on the weekends I love experiencing the great outdoors, hiking and trail walking. I would love to find a versatile and comfortable shoe that allows me to walk along paved park paths, pound the streets as I run, or hike to the top of a hill on a dirt trail.

DESIGN. I understand that comfortable shoes don't pop out of thin air; they're made. The reason shoes are comfortable is they are designed to be supportive. First, a quality pair of comfortable shoes provides good arch support. It also cradles and supports the contours of your heel and helps absorb the pressure of every heel strike as you walk or run. The arch support and heel support are integrated into the design of the shoe to provide maximum flexibility, support, and comfort.

STYLE. In addition to comfort and support, the perfectly versatile, comfortable shoes need to be stylish. They need to be conservative and casual enough to blend in with a golf shirt and nice pair of slacks at work. They also need to look athletic enough to match my active, outdoor lifestyle.

If I were to listen to the fashionistas out there, I'd need a pair of shoes for every activity, or worse a pair for every outfit. I can't afford that. Even if I could, I don't want a whole closet full of shoes, nor do I have the energy to remember which shoes go with which outfit. I'm just looking for that one versatile pair of conservative, active, sensible, supportive, stylish, travel, walking, hiking... the world's most comfortable shoes.

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Glam Women's Sandals Add a Flirty and Sophisticated Vibe

Searching for glam sandals or footwear with an easy fit? You won't go wrong with women's sandals fashioned by designers with a commitment to excellence. They're stylish. They have a design detail, and they're hot.

It would be hot to step into the latest "it" designer shoes, like black open-toed sandals in suede, with wide double strap, platform heels, and gold zipper fastening. Celebrity-inspired flat women's sandals or simple designer options that look very wearable yet elegant can feel great on the feet and look downright sexy.

One can find such leg-flattering sandals via online. Women sandals come in many different styles, and you'll be amazed at so many attractive and unique options available online. Fashion retailers carrying designer goods ranging from gladiator sandals, wedges, platform shoes, thong sandals and other creative shoe finds get tons of views.

Attractive options abound online. Whether you want ultra glamorous metallic or suede women's shoes with pointy toes, mega platforms, lace-up booties, sparkly pumps, or stylish sandals with chunky heels for special events, or elegant ballet flats that can go anywhere, clicking the best sites will reveal a handful of must-have options.

Always in huge demand are the flat leather styles that offer supreme comfort. Softly styled strappy sandals with lightly padded foot beds, in pastels, bright colors, or metallic tones also remain favorites. Two-toned sandals with chunky heels, in classic black, or in a variety of dark browns combined with other hues like orange or pink, with a unique heel, are among the standout options.

You can make your look modern and artsy with a flat embellished sandal. Actually, flat sandals can complement just about anything. Today's women's sandals can go great with short shorts paired with a bright colored casual jacket and t-shirt with a sling bag for meeting up with friends at the mall. Minimalism is key if you want to exude a chic feminine appeal. Flat embellished sandals can also be paired nicely with a simple maxi dress or a modernist print skirt and plain top in sheer or cotton fabric. Such footwear options add a flirty yet sophisticated vibe to dressing up.

Flat sandal lovers will note that some top designers add details that make such shoes such enticing buys. For example, the leather upper may have a crackle effect and may be adorned with pretty multicolored rhinestones for a bit of sparkle. Because comfort is key, features like adjustable ankle straps and quality leather material are not to be overlooked. So when looking for the perfect pair of women's sandals, don't scrimp on quality. Get the style you want and invest on a quality brand.

If you are looking for information on women's sandals, click on the link. Or visit the website at

The Best Gas Grills For You - 3 Questions To Ask

One of the problems I often face when asked to identify the best gas grill for someone is that the person asking expects a straight answer. Unfortunately, I never have one. The reason is that the best gas grills are the ones that best meet your needs and cooking abilities. Sure there are grills to avoid and that is a big part of the question, but the ultimate answer comes down to the preferences of the user. I can hear you now. "Come on Pete, tell us which one is best!" OK. It's the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 1060. It goes for a little over $7200 on Amazon not counting delivery and installation.

Are you still with me? Technically that gas grill is superior to most other grills. It has durable grates that offer excellent heat transfer. The burners throw off tons of BTUs. The grill has excellent flame control. It is loaded with features for roasting and even baking. It's even pretty to look at. However, it's expensive. No, it's very expensive. This poses a problem that is not unique to gas grills. The problem boils down to what you will actually get for your money. The best gas grills can be found by asking yourself 3 questions. These questions go beyond the obvious questions surrounding size, fuel type, budget, construction quality and warranty. We instead assume that all things are equal so we can narrow the search.

1. Is this long term? (How long will this barbecue be used in the manner I plan on using it? And where I plan on using it?)
2. Am I going to bake or roast on this grill?
3. Am I really good at grilling?

For most people the standalone grill mounted on a post or a cart is the best fit for a backyard as the investment is usually a little less, and if the yard changes it can either be moved or sold for something more permanent. However, if you are re-designing your yard you may want to consider a more permanent built-in. The higher quality built-in gas grills can be more expensive but they will last far longer which is far more important when the grill is built-in as they can be more difficult to replace.

The answer to the second question will determine how concerned you will be with heat retention. Double walled hoods offer great insulation and accurate temperature gauges will be more important. Some models even include built-in digital probe thermometers.

The third question is often hindered by the ego. Some of the higher temperature gas grills offer greater searing ability but in the wrong hands can produce burgers like Hockey Pucks. Especially with grills that do not offer good flame control. For instance, I'm the type of griller who stands over the barbecue the whole time and hence I don't mind a flame or two. In fact, I like a little flame now and then. If I were the type to put the burgers on, lower the lid and walk away for 5 minutes then flame control and infrared heat sources may be needed. The infrared heat is not as dry as a direct flame since the grill never gets hot enough to burn all of the humidity out of the surrounding air. This means less direct flame, less burning and less drying out. Some people like the best of both worlds and therefore some higher end grills offer models that have infrared and non infrared burners. Of course for those configurations to make sense the barbecue grills of that type are generally around 30 inches in width or more.

The best gas grills are the grills that match you budget, cooking ability, and cooking environment. The best gas grills are also proven to be durable, built by quality manufacturers, and offer fair warranties. It is important that you get the expected life out of your grill. Remember these 3 questions before you start your search. The rest should come easy. Good luck in your hunt.

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